Treat yourselves to a spa getaway!

On the Way to Pregnancy

Treat yourselves to a spa getaway!

A fertility journey can be very distressing and emotionally draining as well as pose negative effects on overall health, well-being and mood.


All the pressure and stress, the expectations and hopes, the comparisons with other couples and ideas about oneself as well as one’s partner, these are all factors that contribute to an imbalance that needs to be brought back into harmony. In order to strengthen the relationship with your loved one, it is best to find a balance together, as partners.


Nothing helps to regain strength and balance faster than a spa retreat with your significant other. The only thing more beautiful and relaxing than getting pampered is to get pampered together with the one you love most. Quite a few spas offer wellness weekends and babymoons especially for couples who wish to have children – ignite that spark and let your souls dangle, just like on a honeymoon, only with a baby as the desired goal.

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