The period. Full stop.

Body and Cycle

The period. Full stop.

It is much more than a constant in a woman’s life , or an annoying and necessary evil, or opportunity for a “that’s-not-my-second-round-of-potato-chips-and-hand-me-some-more-chocolate-would-you” kind of evening”.


Menstruation is also called period, or other countless names like the Red Wave, Strawberry Week, Bloody Mary, or Aunt Rosa’s visit. The many synonyms testify to decades of tabooing menstruation for which it is high time not to be the “embarrassing thing” of women. Because menstruation is no less kitschy expressed, the “fountain of new life”.


The first day of bleeding is also the first day of the cycle and the first half of the cycle. This day is arbitrarily fixed, but somewhere it is necessary to begin the beginning of a circle.
As menstruation begins, the concentration of the hormones estrogen and progesterone in the blood decreases. Red alarm stage, as it were, for the uterine lining built up in the cycle, since it is now dissolved and bled off. Meanwhile, the growth of new oocytes in the ovaries is already stimulated. At the end of menstruation, the new mucous membrane begins to build up. And so the “circle of life” closes.

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