The inconsistencies of the female cycle.

Body and Cycle

The inconsistencies of the female cycle.

The female cycle is like life itself: things don’t always work according to plan.


After all, it takes years for a cycle to find its balance and even then it does not always have the same length or is less irregular. A cycle comes with annoying things like cravings, PMS, pimples, flatulence, cramps and pain. Sometimes it’s not so bad, on other days you’d rather drown in a fountain of chocolate. Women are tough and go through a lot, not only during menstruation.


The female cycle is regulated by various hormones, which can take over other functions in the body as well. The menstrual cycle has an impact on the heart and brain – the mind, energy, and mood can all be influenced by the cycle’s dynamics. External factors such as stress or lack of sleep have an effect on the cycle just as well.


Numerous and complex factors can cause cycle irregularities that are mostly quite common but can also have more serious implications. Endometriosis, PCOS or cysts can be indicators or causes for cycle anomalies and require medical attention.

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