New cycle, new opportunity?


New cycle, new opportunity?

If it didn’t work out last month, next one’s the charm, right? Are the chances of getting pregnant the same in every cycle?


The probability of getting pregnant is on average about 20% per cycle. Not exactly the peachiest prospects, but when it’s a matter of creating new life, it perhaps doesn’t really have to work right away. The basic prerequisite for the conception of a child is the union of ovum and sperm within a short time window. A lot of things have to fit together well enough for a miracle to happen and if they don’t one hopes for more luck in the next month.  What many people don’t know is that ovulation doesn’t necessarily happen during each cycle. Of course, it is quite possible that ovulation occurs regularly in every cycle. However, it is much more likely that from time to time a cycle is anovulatory, i.e. there is no maturation of an ovum.


For a healthy woman, up to 15% of such anovulatory cycles are within the normal range. Another common misconception is that menstruation always indicates ovulation in the previous cycle. Menstruation also occurs during anovulatory cycles. A period is therefore not an indication for previous ovulation.

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