Love thy other!

On the Way to Pregnancy

Love thy other!

A desire to have children is an expression of deep affection and trust between two people. Psychosomatics does not play a small role in a long-standing desire to have children.


Psychological pressure that one puts on oneself or that is exerted by the family or society can easily become a strain on the relationship. Sexuality and pregnancy are then consciously or unconsciously separated from each other, which leads to sexual intercourse being decoupled from intimacy. The fun in the matter goes down the drain, sexuality turns from freestyle to duty and instead of letting oneself go with the partner, the thoughts around the unfulfilled desire to have children completely occupy one.


Steer in the opposite direction and no longer cast a tired glance into the bedroom, but train your bedroom gaze! Important for your relationship, for your desire to have children, and for your later parenthood is a lived togetherness. Plan time only for yourself, in which you do things that have nothing to do with the desire to have children. Cinema, hiking, gallery exhibitions, beach volleyball, dancing, massages, going out for dinner … the list of activities you can do together is endless.


Strengthen your relationship and always find back to each other. Intimacy is an important component of a functioning love relationship and should not be neglected, especially if you actively want to have children.

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