Libido – It’s all about love.

On the Way to Pregnancy

Libido – It’s all about love.

Pretty much everything, from the perception of reality to our dreams, takes place in our brain, and the more we learn about the human brain, the more we know that we hardly know anything.  It is probably the most complex organ known to us and the site of cognitive and neuronal processes that control not only our musculoskeletal system, for example, but also our feelings and emotions.


This is also the case with libido. Basically, it is a game of chemistry. The sex hormones testosterone, progesterone and estrogen play the main role here. In men, the sex drive should be more pronounced due to the high testosterone level, in women the hormone balance changes within the individual cycle depending on the cycle phase and thus also the libido. At the time of ovulation the libido should be strongest in women and increase with advancing age. The desire for sex can even increase during pregnancy.


Disturbances around the libido, such as a lack or lack of desire for the other person, can have several causes and have different treatment options.


Erectile dysfunctions in men and women, however, have nothing to do with a lack of libido in most cases. Often the desire is there, but it simply does not want to work. The causes can then be physiologically determined and should best be clarified medically.

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