Truthfully: One of the most exciting times in life is the phase in which you decide to have a child with your partner.

  • Body and Cycle
    Here you can learn more about the female cycle and the process behind it.
  • Generally
    Whats is breathe ilo? General information and tips about our physical meter and how to use it.
  • Myths
    There are many different myths surrounding fertility and pregnancy. We get to the bottom of the most persistent.
  • On the Way to Pregnancy
    Our carefully researched articles accompany you in this special time to become pregnant.
Love thy other!
A desire to have children is an expression of deep affection and trust between two people. Psychosomatics does not play
Allow me to introduce myself: The Uterus.
The tasks of the uterus include the accommodating of the fertilised egg, the supply of oxygen and nutrients during the
Are women more attractive once a month?
Mirror, mirror on the wall, does ovulation make me the most beautiful in the whole world? Please do not reach
Allow me to introduce myself: the clitoris.
The clitoris is the most misunderstood part of the female sex organ.   Most anatomical illustrations show only the part
The period. Full stop.
It is much more than a constant in a woman’s life , or an annoying and necessary evil, or opportunity
When am I pregnant?
You’ve either seen it in movies or had the honour yourself: a test strip you’ve had the pleasure on peeing
How breathe ilo works
CO2 Partial Pressure as a bio-marker for the ovulation time. . It has been known since 1951 that a few
Is there an ideal sex position for conception?
Headstand, feet up, resting on your back – what is the best position in bed?   First things first: Sex
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