Truthfully: One of the most exciting times in life is the phase in which you decide to have a child with your partner.

  • Body and Cycle
    Here you can learn more about the female cycle and the process behind it.
  • Generally
    Whats is Breathe ILO? General information and tips about our physical meter and how to use it.
  • Myths
    There are many different myths surrounding fertility and pregnancy. We get to the bottom of the most persistent.
  • On the Way to Pregnancy
    Our carefully researched articles accompany you in this special time to become pregnant.
Is it possible to measure the moment of ovulation?
If you are right in the middle of planning for a child, you would naturally like to make effective use
Love thy other!
A desire to have children is an expression of deep affection and trust between two people. Psychosomatics does not play
Is there an ideal sex position for conception?
Headstand, feet up, resting on your back – what is the best position in bed?   First things first: Sex
Cloudy with a chance of blood drops – the second half of the cycle.
In the transformation phase, also known as the luteal phase, the empty follicle in the ovary is transformed into the
Sleep baby, sleep!
The bed is not only the (most frequent) place of heating things happening, but should also be the place of
Can sunlight boost fertility?
Too much sun should be avoided, right?  But to go completely without sunlight is not an option either. Soaking up
The first half of the menstrual cycle.
In the build-up phase, also follicle (maturation) phase, preovulation phase or proliferation phase, the egg cell matures.   The hormones
Allow me to introduce myself: The Uterus.
The tasks of the uterus include the accommodating of the fertilised egg, the supply of oxygen and nutrients during the
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