Truthfully: One of the most exciting times in life is the phase in which you decide to have a child with your partner.

  • Body and Cycle
    Here you can learn more about the female cycle and the process behind it.
  • Generally
    Whats is Breathe ILO? General information and tips about our physical meter and how to use it.
  • Myths
    There are many different myths surrounding fertility and pregnancy. We get to the bottom of the most persistent.
  • On the Way to Pregnancy
    Our carefully researched articles accompany you in this special time to become pregnant.
Throw the pill overboard!
If you plan to become pregnant in the near future, but still use hormonal contraception methods, you should discontinue using
Allow me to introduce myself: The Ovaries.
The ovaries are part of the female reproductive system. In the female embryo, the pre-stages of hundreds of thousands of
Does breastfeeding affect fertility?
To bury the myth once and for all: women who breastfeed are not necessarily infertile and can, in fact, get
Multiple ovulation / Hyperovulation
What is hyperovulation and why does it happen?   In order to reproduce, the human species needs the following: a
The fertile window.
The female menstrual cycle is a fascinating, yet complex affair. It is divided into different phases, which in turn are
Can women over 40 get pregnant?
The ticking of the biological clock becomes louder and louder over the years. Especially for women. It is believed by
Hair dyeing allowed in pregnancy or not?
Once you are pregnant, there are more and more questions about what you should do or what is still harmless.
Can cough syrup boost fertility?
As bizarre as it may sound, one tip for boosting fertility keeps making its rounds: drink cough syrup.   The
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