Know your menstrual cycle!

Body and Cycle

Know your menstrual cycle!

Women who observe their cycle increase their chances of getting pregnant.


Every woman has been keeping track of her cycle since her first period. In the modern age, a plethora of apps makes it easier to track cycle and symptoms such as chest pains or mucus colour, and overall mood. Some women go as far as using cycle-based methods as a means of contraception or to get pregnant. However, some calendar methods such as Knaus-Ogino, are outdated and based solely on probability calculations.


A lot has been happening in the field of ovulation testing in recent years. If you can handle urine, there is always the option to test with ovulation strips. However, methods such as Natural Family Planning (NFP) in particular, offer important alternatives to urine test strips, the pill etc.


NFP methods require a certain degree of responsibility and self-discipline, but all the effort pays off eventually. By combining the results of examining the cervical mucus and cervix position as well as temperature measurements and evaluating other symptoms, you get a pretty good insight into the workings of your cycle.


Whichever method you choose, the knowledge you gain about your cycle, the fertile window in each cycle and period details, is definitely worth the time and commitment.

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