Have breakfast in bed together!

On the Way to Pregnancy

Have breakfast in bed together!

Sunday mornings are for breakfasts in bed. Whether you prepare it together or let your significant other pamper you, there is nothing in the way of enjoying a healthy snack. If you know what I mean.


And perhaps best of all, you help boost your fertility by having a lavish breakfast, as scientists from Tel Aviv University and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have found in their studies with women struggling with infertility.


It is not only the amount of the meal that counts but also the time of consumption. Women who eat their meal with the largest calorie content at breakfast, show lower levels of glucose, insulin and testosterone. They also ovulate more often than women who eat their most energy-rich serving in the evening.


So your breakfast in bed should be balanced, nutritious, rich in vitamins and of course romantic. And who knows, maybe a meal can turn into something more.

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