Determine your fertile days with breathe ilo

breathe ilo is a breath analysis device and the easiest way to accurately predict your fertile days. It takes just one minute of breathing into the handheld device every day and the breathe ilo app shows you your fertility status. Whether you’re trying to get pregnant or you just want to learn more about your body, breathe ilo offers free access to an extensive library on female health.

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How breathe ilo determines your fertile days

The hormones that are produced during the female cycle to start ovulation change the CO2 levels your body releases. Based on your daily CO2 measurement and individual cycle patterns breathe ilo‘s system identifies where you are in your cycle with incredible accuracy. breathe ilo has been tested in studies with cycle lengths of 24-36 days. The breathe ilo app helps to identify and keep track of your symptoms.

Verbindung breathe ilo mit Smartphone App

Keep track of your fertility status with the breathe ilo app

The app controls the breathe ilo device, shows your current fertility status and also includes our unique algorithm. This algorithm gets to know each woman individually and supports the CO2 measurement. With daily measurement, our app shows your fertility status and helps you in understanding the progress of your cycle. We have also integrated a digital cycle calendar for you. This allows you to document symptoms, your mood, various aches and pains and many other factors that can occur during your cycle. In combination with the app, breathe ilo can be used regardless of location, and your fertility status is always visible in the app.

Paar packt breathe ilo aus und testet Funktion

The breathe ilo rental model

Not convinced yet? We are! Therefore, we offer you the opportunity to try breathe ilo for a timeframe of your choice.

For only € 29.90 per month! Currently the breathe ilo rent is sold out 

  • You will receive a hygienically perfect, new device in original packaging.
  • You will be charged monthly and you can unsubscribe at any time.
  • If you rent breathe ilo for longer than 12 months, it automatically becomes your property.
More about the rent
  • Unfortunately, from December 2020 on, we will no longer be able to offer the rental model in UK.
  • Billing is monthly and you can cancel it at any time by submitting your cancellation via the breathe ilo helpdesk: Product return
  • Afterwards you can return the breathe ilo device to our warehouse.
  • As soon as the device arrives at our warehouse, your rental period ends.
  • Meaning, if your breathe ilo device arrives at our warehouse after the renewed rental charge has been made, the rental is still due at that time. Therefore, please allow enough time for the return.
  • The travel bag is excluded from the rent. But can be purchased here.

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