Can women over 40 get pregnant?


Can women over 40 get pregnant?

The ticking of the biological clock becomes louder and louder over the years. Especially for women. It is believed by many that it’s near impossible for women over 40 to get pregnant due to their fertility restrictions. Does this common belief hold any truth?


For a successful pregnancy,  a woman has to do more than supply a fertile egg. This alone requires a functioning monthly cycle and an intact lining of the uterus as well as healthy ovaries and fallopian tubes. The body must also be able to carry a child, feed it in the womb and give birth to it. The question of how long a woman can or should be physically able to do this has been arguably answered by nature itself with the glorious phenomenon of menopause.


The start of menopause, the time where a woman’s sex hormones change, is not the same or fixed for every woman. On average, however, menopause begins around the age of 50. As a 40-year-old, you can theoretically become pregnant if all the necessary requirements are met. However, since the likelihood of that happening is close to five per cent, getting pregnant usually takes much longer for women in their forties. As of 45, chances are so low that it is rare to almost impossible to become pregnant naturally.

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