Can sperm boost fertility?


Can sperm boost fertility?

Can sperm do more than assumed?


Male sperm consists mainly of water. Different hormones and proteins are only contained in traces, not in large quantities, as many mistakenly assume. Perhaps the myth touches the consumption of sperm would lead to an increase in fertility of the woman from precisely this misconception. The small amounts of protein and steroid hormones are not sufficient to affect a woman’s fertility in any way.


Sperm has been attributed special powers and properties for centuries. For example, it is said to reduce symptoms of colds such as coughs, sniffles and pain in the limbs and to strengthen the immune system. Male ejaculate can also be used as a face mask in some places. Scientific evidence is still lacking. Medical professionals do not rule out anything, but the small amount of ejaculate ingested and the fact that it is referred to as the “juice of life” suggests that most reported cases are probably, if anything, isolated placebo effects.

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