Are women more attractive once a month?


Are women more attractive once a month?

Mirror, mirror on the wall, does ovulation make me the most beautiful in the whole world? Please do not reach for the red apple, we are all the most beautiful. It has turned out, however, that a woman is perceived as more attractive at the time of ovulation. And not only by men but also by other women.


For a long time, women were thought to have hidden menstruation and ovulation, but the female body actually sends out signals that are not always consciously perceived and not yet fully explained.


Studies show that in the days when follicles mature, women like to put on make-up, wear jewellery and red or pink clothing and produce a subconsciously perceptible and pleasant odeur for men. Body parts such as ears, fingers and breasts also appear more symmetrical and the skin tone becomes slightly lighter. Heterosexual women should then also be more willing to flirt in the presence of men. Among other things, as a response to hormone swings, the vocal pitch becomes higher and the cheeks redder. Not the cheeks at the back as with the female chimpanzees, which show off their fertility and present their inflated buttocks like a neon red shield, but inconspicuous and so discreet that it is not really perceptible to anyone.


Not only men react to the smell of ovulating women (which is described as sweeter and more attractive), but dogs also seem to care about ovaries and can sniff out ovarian cancer in its early stages. Some women also develop a sharper sense of smell during ovulation. Why this is the case has not yet been clarified. It is assumed, however, that fertile women are better able to adapt to their environment when preparing for pregnancy.


So the next time you spend a little more time in front of the mirror, maybe varnish your nails, take out your beautiful Sunday clothes on Thursday and smell the flowers more intensely, while your partner suddenly finds more pleasure in you and flatters you especially, then your fertility peak for this cycle is reached and you can fully enjoy all the additional attention.

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