Accurately Track Your Cycle & Fertility.

Personalized ovulation tracker accurately predicts fertile days with just 60 seconds of normal breathing.

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Know The Right Time For Conception.

This is how it works.

Based on the levels of CO2 you release while breathing,
Breathe ILO knows where you are in your cycle.

High Fertility

Low CO2 Pressure

It takes just 60 seconds of normal breathing with Breathe ILO.

Detect Fertile Days & Track Your Cycle

The hormones that are produced during the female cycle to start ovulation change the CO2 levels your body releases.
Based on your daily CO2 measurement, symptoms, and lifestyle, Breathe ILO’s self-learning algorithm identifies where you are in your cycle with incredible accuracy.

Helps Identify & Keep Track of Symptoms

Breathe ILO’s cycle diary offers the possibility to document further cycle symptoms like breast pain or headaches to help you prepare for your next cycle.


Increases Chances of Pregnancy

Studies show you’re almost 40% more likely to get pregnant when intercourse is timed to match your fertility window after tracking your cycle.

Breathe ILO knows your window.

Guidance At Every Step

Whether you’re trying to get pregnant or you’ve already conceived, the Breathe ILO app offers free access to an extensive library on female health.

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Our team

The most valuable resource behind Breathe ILO is its highly qualified team with years of experience in the product development of health products.

Our key objective is to valuably contribute to society and actively help in shaping the future. Breathe ILO is supported by an active advisory board consisting of experts from the fields of medicine, engineering as well as corporate development and management.

An open and interdisciplinary exchange is our top priority. From the medicinal field to software development, mathematics, and engineering, here at Breathe ILO, many relevant disciplines are united under one roof. This and our tireless motivation to make the unfulfilled desire to have children a thing of the past are the hallmarks of the Breathe ILO team.

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